Australian Football in Kiel
everyone welcome!

Our club

In May 2020, a small group of people from Kiel and nearby areas met for the first time to get to know a sport that most of them had never heard of. Things moved fast from there on: More and more people kept joining in, and everyone was keen to establish Australian Football in Kiel. Only three months later, in August 2020, the Kiel Koalas were officially established as a club.

Our goals

The primary purpose of our club is to promote the sport of Australian Football in Kiel and the surrounding regions and support its development throughout Germany. We want to make as many people as possible fall in love with our sport and add to the diverse sports landscape in our home town. To achieve this, we want to create different opportunities for everyone to try and to experience the sport.

Further than that, we believe that (all) sports clubs have great potential to make a positive impact on ourselves and our community. Sport brings together people from all walks of life, creating connections and building understanding. It motivates people and inspires them. Skills and values that you learn from the team work on and off the field can help you in all aspects of your life.

We’re a solidary club

We want to make it possible for everyone to become a member of our club. That’s why we let everyone set their membership fee themselves. You pay only as much as you can easily afford. There’s no minimum amount, so you can become a member for free. We’re not asking any questions or demanding any type of proof. The amount you pay is only known to you and the board. And you can adjust your fee at any time.

We also try to support any players that are struggling with the cost of travelling when we play away games. Unfortunately we can not yet guarantee that this will always be possible. We’re a small club, and our sport is a small sport in Germany, with all competitions being organised by volunteers. But we are committed to never letting money get in anyone’s way when it comes to playing games.

We appreciate your support!

We’re not only looking for new players but value any type of engagement: Helping out at training or on game day, logistic support, reports and articles getting the word out, cooperations, sponsoring – we appreciate any ideas that you have! And, of course, financial support is also a great help for us – whether that’s a passive club membership or a one-off donation.

In order to become a member, please fill in this form:

For questions, and for any other requests, please get in touch via or through social media (see Contact).